A look back at our discography: LAST STAR DOWN – The Comfortable Dark Knownothingness (IFU002)


In the middle of 2006, my friends in DEAFENING SKY introduced me to a band named SETSTHETIME from Maasmechelen.  I liked their music and since they were nice people, I agreed to release their next EP on CD early next year. The EP was meant to be a split with their friends LAST STAR DOWN from the Antwerp area.

At that time, SETSTHETIME still had to record the tracks for the EP. February 2007. I still had no good news from SETSTHETIME about the recordings. They delayed the recordings a few times because the songs were not ready. I was finally told by their singer Sören that the band decided to quit playing together.

As we really like the 4 songs LAST STAR DOWN recorded for the split, I decided to release them on their own. So what was supposed to be a split between two bands became the EP of a single one.  And it became IFU002.

I would have pushed things forward with the band if they had not splitted up. After the release of this EP, the band still recorded 2 songs as a preview of a full-length that never saw the light of day. One of this song (“Last Seen As A Lost Dream”) can be heard on their still existing Myspace page.

We used to describe them as a mix between Boysetsfire and Morning Again. What do you think?

There are no EP available (500 were made) but you can download it for free on Bandcamp.

A look back at our discography: REVIVE – Beliefs Of An Old Past (IFU001)

Hey everyone,

From now on, we’ll regularly take a look back at our discography so you can have a little story on the reasons we put out these releases.

1) REVIVE – Beliefs Of An Old Past CD (February 2007)

Our very first release was the first full-lenght from Paris band REVIVE. A few months after the label’s creation at the end of year 2006, Quentin from Eternalis Records asked me if I would be interested in co-releasing their album. I remember being blown away at the first listen: their hardcore punk was powerful, ultra melodic and catchy as hell with very interesting lyrics. It was the perfect way to officially begin the label. Today, I still think it’s one of the best releases of the label. If you like Comeback Kid, Ensign or Champion and haven’t heard this record yet, feel free to stream it on Bandcamp. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we still do! Some members of the bands currently play in post-hardcore band MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN and modern hardcore act The Great Divide.