GENERATION 84 | Let’s Do This! | 10″EP | IFU045


Two months ago, we released the first solo album from Red Cloud, aka our friend Teun Van Aerschot. Today, we are proud to announce that we’ll be co-releasing the new EP from one of Teun’s punk-rock projects, Generation 84. The record is titled “Let’s Do This!” and will be released on 10″ vinyl on April 11th, with the help of Thanks But No Thanks, No Panic and Indelirium Records.


After two releases on renowned label Funtime Records, 2015 marks a fresh start for the devoted punk rock band Generation 84, with the eagerly anticipated 10 inch vinyl “Let’s Do This” at the horizon, approaching ever faster. Five powerful punches of straightforward, no nonsense punk rock from a band that’s all about having fun playing music and storming stages, while kicking shins in the process. Often compared to bands such as Rise Against, Bad Religion and Good Riddance, Generation 84 prefers to let their music speak for itself. So get ready and arm yourself, because this generation will grab you by the throat!

“Have you ever felt the need to make some waves? Have you ever felt bad about old values being thrust aside? Well, we felt the need to give punkrock a kick in the butt and put it back up right where it belongs. In this grey society where everyone is becoming more and more happy to live according to the latest TV-show or fashion magazine, we want to break out from this ‘Generation 84’ by trying to live up to our own dreams.”

More infos and song premiere will be available soon!


We are extremely excited to announce our collaboration with the almighty Electric)Noise(Machine (from Brussels) to release “Pardon”, their brand new EP, next spring.  We’ll be partnering with the talented people at Black Basset Records to offer you these six new songs on vinyl and digital format.

Here’s what the dictionary has to say about E)N(M :

“Electric)Noise(Machine is a “dead pop” experimental project. The three-piece thrive on heavy, intense music that is full of energy. Built on a bass/drums relationship (DFA1979, Lightning Bolt) and driven by powerful vocals (The Bronx, Refused) and electronic arrangements, it’s rock, it’s noise, it’s punk!

The band is used to the roughest stages after numerous shows in very good company (Tweak Bird, Retox, And So I Watch You From Afar, Red Fang….). Few instruments put to maximal effect : a bass sent through a wall of amps, a convoluted pedal system, a handcrafted looped voice, and electronic sounds that are amplified to really hit home their live instrument power. And an abused and mistreated drum kit that will leave lasting marks on your eardrums. More than a band, E)N(M is a machine.

Recorded by the “king the snapshot recording” Iacopo Curatolo, mixed by Micha Volders (Kabul Golf Club, Chrome Brulée) and mastered by Brian Gardner (QOTSA, Ting Tings, Melvins), Electric)Noise(Machine’s first 6-track EP, called “Pardon”, will be released on 5th May jointly on Black Basset Records and I For Us Records with a limited pressing (250 copies) on white 12″ vinyl record.

Once started, the E)N(M machine does not stop. The shape of punk that should have come.”

Find out the “Pardon” cover below and watch for for an official release date and a first song from the effort soon!

ENM1501-Pardon-12 inch vinyl sleeve.indd