A look back at our discography: LAST STAR DOWN – The Comfortable Dark Knownothingness (IFU002)


In the middle of 2006, my friends in DEAFENING SKY introduced me to a band named SETSTHETIME from Maasmechelen.  I liked their music and since they were nice people, I agreed to release their next EP on CD early next year. The EP was meant to be a split with their friends LAST STAR DOWN from the Antwerp area.

At that time, SETSTHETIME still had to record the tracks for the EP. February 2007. I still had no good news from SETSTHETIME about the recordings. They delayed the recordings a few times because the songs were not ready. I was finally told by their singer Sören that the band decided to quit playing together.

As we really like the 4 songs LAST STAR DOWN recorded for the split, I decided to release them on their own. So what was supposed to be a split between two bands became the EP of a single one.  And it became IFU002.

I would have pushed things forward with the band if they had not splitted up. After the release of this EP, the band still recorded 2 songs as a preview of a full-length that never saw the light of day. One of this song (“Last Seen As A Lost Dream”) can be heard on their still existing Myspace page.

We used to describe them as a mix between Boysetsfire and Morning Again. What do you think?

There are no EP available (500 were made) but you can download it for free on Bandcamp.