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ALERT – Find Your Way (7 inch)
BAD RELIGION – Stranger Than Fiction (LP)
CASEY JONES – I Hope We’re Not The Last (LP)
COMITY – The Journey Is Over Now (2xLP+CD)
CONVERGE – Unloved And Weeded Out (LP)
DAGGERS – Euphoria (LP)
EXPIRE – Suffer The Cycle (7 inch)
GIVE UP THE GHOST – Background Music (LP)
GIVE UP THE GHOST – We’re Down Til We’re Underground (LP)
HYENA – Breathing Death… Rotting Flesh (7 inch)
LAGWAGON – I think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon (LP+CD)
NINE ELEVEN – Le Rêve de Cassandre (CD)
NO HAWAII – Snake My Charms (CD)
RISE AND FALL – Deceiver b/w Sinking In Sin (7 inch)
RISE AND FALL – Hellmouth (LP)
SHOYU SQUAD – From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five (LP)
THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE – Fools Will Crush The Crown (LP)

2012, by TOGETHER


We know it became a little bit quiet here for the last weeks. But there we’re so many things we had to discuss and talk about in these days, because time is a precious thing and we are all students or workers for now and things are not as easy as they were when we used to be in school. So after spending a lot of time in our rehersal room, after endless discussion about what has changed in our lifes and what we want to do in the future, together and personally, we found out that afer all these years we’re still very close to each other and that we still have so much to tell to the world outside and that we won’t stop until we have nothing left to say.

Due to this, we will record a two song 7inch in march and have another tour in august. We have already booked three weeks at ghost city recordings in september to record our first full length which will be called ‘OF LIFE AND LOVE AND SOME THINGS INBETWEEN’.

So far we want to say THANK YOU to everyone out there who helped us in the last years through everything. Also THANK YOU to everyone who ever listened to our music, who danced at our shows, who just shook his head to our rythm and our blues. or just talked to us about life and love and all these things inbetween. THANK YOU. Cause without any of you we won’t be where we are right now, and we don’t mean that in the band way, we mean this in the mental, the very personal way because every action, every show, every song, every talk in the last years changed us in our way of thinking and our way as kids and grown ups.
Thank you.

For so far that’s it and if you want to catch us up in the next months here are all the upcoming dates :

09/03/2012 Bielefeld @ tba
10/03/2012 Herenthout (BEL) @ Jh ‘t Verschil
15/03/2012 Wolfsburg @ JuHa Ost
24/03/2012 Leipzig @ Four Rooms
28/03/2012 Würzburg @ Cairo
27/04/2012 Torgau @ Brückenkopf
12/05/2012 WEDDING PARTY
01//06/2012 BOOK US! (+LASTING TRACES)
02/06/2012 Zeist (NL) @ tba

Tour / Reviews

NINE ELEVEN’s first european tour for 2012 starts next thursday! The band will carry the CD version of “Le Rêve de Cassandre” with them. Vinyl version comes later this month (preorder still available here). Here are the dates :

08/02: Rouen (FR) @ Le Bateau Ivre
09/02: Lille (FR) @ La Chimere
10/02: Aalst (BE) @ Cafe De Geniepegen
11/02: Bochum (DE) @ Juze
12/02: Praha (CZ) @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty
13/02: Liberec (CZ) @ Azyl Bar
14/02: Chemnitz (DE) @ Subway To Peter
15/02: Kiel (DE) @ Schaubude
16/02: Frankfurt (DE) @ Elfer
17/02: Berlin (DE) @ Cafe K19
18/02: Ostrava (CZ) @ Plan B Hardcore Cafe
19/02: Pècs (HG) @ Matus
20/02: Ormož (SLO) @ Unterhund.
21/02: Graz (AT) @ Sub
22/02: Milan (IT) @ Ligera Cafe
23/02: Lyon (FR) @ Warmaudio
24/02: Lausanne (CH) @ Espace Autogéré
25/02: Paris (FR) La Miroiterie

The first reviews of “Le Rêve de Cassandre” are online (mostly in french) and are very positive! We are looking forward to hearing/reading what people think of the album!

Radio Béton (french)
Nawak Posse (french)
SWNK (english)
W-Fenec (french)
Spartannn – a Last.fm user (english – review #17)