The Midnight Souls release party for their 1st full-lenght “Going Through The Motions” shows a lot of promise. No less than three I For Us bands (past and present) are part of the line-up, and “will be missed” The Carrier headline the show. I’m also very curious about Midnight Souls new record and how it will sound live. Never been so excited (for a show) for quite a long time!

NINE ELEVEN “Le Rêve de Cassandre” LP preorder

Hello all,

“Starkweather” is an other track from NINE ELEVEN’s upcoming album, and it’s up right now for streaming!

We have started to take preorders for the vinyl version of the album (color vinyl, gatefold cover, insert with lyrics and their translation in french, A3 poster, mp3 download included).

We don’t offer packages with shirts, hoodies or whatever, if you want a t-shirt, go see the band live or get it at their own webshop. Instead, we want to focus on the label’s music and if you preorder this new record, we offer you 3 I For Us Records CD’s OR 2 IFU seven inches of YOUR CHOICE. Have a listen at our Bandcamp and see what’s still available here.

HOW TO PREORDER? 1) Go to our webstore  2) add the new NINE ELEVEN LP (and other items if you want, but keep in mind that all items will be shipped together) to your basket  3) at the end of the ordering process, you’ll find a comment box, just write the items you would like in it.  Shipping is planned for mid-February.

PLEASE READ: the Belgian Post is unfortunately very expensive for international shipping. We strongly suggest you to order together with friends or purchasing other items at the same time. We have tons of CD’s and vinyls at reduced prices!

Also, we launched a (permanent) cool new offer. You can get 5 IFU CD’s of YOUR CHOICE for ONLY 10 EURO!
Find the big deal here: http://distro.disobedience.be/2211-any-5-i-for-us-records-cd-s-for-10-euro.html

Thanks for your love and support!


We are happy to welcome ELIZABETH (from the beautiful Switzerland) to the IFU’s family! Sweet name, isn’t it? But don’t be fooled, ELIZABETH’s music is raw, heavy and tight, inspired among others by Converge and the famous “Clevo sound” (Integrity, Ringworm and, more recently, Rise & Fall). The band features Javier Varela (ex-Nostromo singer) on vocals, uses a belgian bass player (pretty cool) and has released a 5-track demo in 2010. With the help of our friends from Throatruiner Records (France), we will release these 8 brand new songs on 12″ vinyl in april 2012, under the name “Where Vultures Land”. Hopefully we will have the records just in time for the band’s Eastern Europe tour with Daggers.

Download & listen to ELIZABETH’s demo: http://ezbth.bandcamp.com (or check out the player below)
For tour dates and links, visit the band’s website: http://www.ezbth.com