I FOR US RECORDS 2007-2010

Dear friends,

After some weeks of delay, the TOGETHER “The Odyssey” double 7 inch (with a free cd copy inside) and FIRE AT WILL’s first album (on CD) are finally available! A long vinyl pressing time and a cd mastering problem are responsible for this, fuck ’em! You can now order these two awesome records at our webstore. Don’t forget that “The Odyssey” is also available on a CDep version with a mini-gatefold cover.

These two records will be the last IFU releases for a long time (maybe ever). During these 4 last years, I’ve had the chance to put out awesome releases from great bands, setted up some shows, traded lots of records with other friendly labels and, all in all, met tons of nice people. I also lost a lot of money… but it was worth it! I now feel the need to use my little spare time to take care of my family and pursue other interests in life. But I’ll keep on listening to meaningful music and going out to shows, so we’ll probably meet each other any time soon!

Please take the time to check out our latest releases and if you run out of money, don’t forget that you can get most of the label cd’s (+ some others) for free here : http://distro.disobedience.be/172-free-cd-s. This list will be updated from time to time.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has ever supported the label by purchasing a release or spreading the word about our bands. Special extra thanks to Greg for his technical help and the Disobedience crew for their endless support (you know who you are… hopefully!).

As the idea to create this hardcore label came up from a sleepless night, I will end up this great journey on a sleepless night…

Take care of yourself and have fun with family and friends during the coming holidays!