New releases out now

Just a quick note to remind you that the RENO and ONE ETHIC cd’s are now available for online purchase at the Disobedience webstore : They will be available soon in the Benelux stores.

Preorders for TOGETHER’s “The Odyssey” 2×7″/EP are still available and comes with an instant MP3 download. The cd version will be released at  the record release show on October 30th, in the band’s hometown Aschaffenburg. The vinyl version will be available at the end of november (sorry for the wait).

Listen to 2 songs:

Webstore update – 12/10/2010

We will slow down new arrivals during the next few months. We’ll be back in full force early next year. In the meantime, check out our actual catalog (especially the SALE sections), you may find something you want at a cool price! 
ALL OUT WAR – Into The Killing Fields (LP)
ANTIDOTE – Thou Shalt Not Kill (7 inch)
ANTIDOTE – Thou Shalt Not Kill (EP)
CARPATHIAN – Wanderlust (7 inch)
COMEBACK KID – Symptoms + Cures (CD)
COMEBACK KID – Symptoms + Cures (LP)
GORILLA BISCUITS – s/t (7 inch)
ONE ETHIC – Part One: The Hive (CD)
RENO – The Year Of Love (CD)
SICK OF IT ALL – s/t (7 inch)
TERROR – Keepers Of The Faith LTD ED (CD)
THE MONGOLOIDS – New Beginnings (7 inch)
THE RIVAL MOB – Hardcore For Hardcore (7 inch)
TRASH TALK – Eyes & Nines (LP)
UNVEIL – Hypnopaedia (7 inch)
CEREMONY – Violence Violence (LP)
INTEGRITY – The Blackest Curse (CD)
INTEGRITY – Those Who Fear Tomorrow (LP)
LEWD ACTS – Black Eye Blues (LP)
RISE FROM THE AGONY – Shadows And Ghosts (CD)
TOUCHE AMORE – …To The Beat Of A Dead Horse (LP)
TRAPPED UNDER ICE – Stay Cold (7 inch)
TRASH TALK – Eyes & Nines (CD)
UNITED NATIONS – Never Mind The Bombings, Here’s Your Six Figures (7 inch)