NINE ELEVEN video for “Sen”

It’s a dead end. The whole earth has been covered by the asphalt, and the sun sets no longer. Every fucking breathing thing has to die. Sen’s freedom fades through short-living years. From the sky the vultures spy on the world with forgotten colors: They’re looking for dreams which could escape them.

And they would love that Sen asked them to let her live… spend all her life, half-dead, washing our lies stuck to the linoleum of these golden cells.

One never forgets people one loves, but it’s often hard to remember them.

She has now to make this choice, disown or forget herself, abandoned to the madness of the automatic mode of afterlife. No more lions to tame in here, just some pigs to feed and satisfy, cause everything has a one-life use, like the last kiss she though she shared was…

One never forgets people one loves, but it’s often hard to remember them.

It’s a dead end.

Even her name didn’t resist to time… she just sold it to the body she uses.

Here, a “none-faced” spies on her… It’s the shadow stolen from her. It tears your heart apart and exchanges money against your blood. Pan, did you make the right choice in the ogre’s secret place?

But it’s the first round to win! To remember she’s neither the eternal sunshine in which we drown nor the wads, the food we eat, or the work “offered” in which we lose ourselves… It’s better to burn out than to fade away!

The midnight express is waiting now for Sen, with its own ghosts, reflections and her last hopes.

One never forgets people one loves, but it’s often hard to remember them.

The song is taken from their latest album, “City Of Quartz”. The band should play in Belgium early october. Can’t wait to see them live again, it’s been three year since their last show in Belgium!

Webstore update – 23/05/2010

AT HALF-MAST – Fathers And Sons (LP)
BROTHERS – Black Friday (CD)
BROTHERS – Black Friday (LP)
BROTHERS – Tragedy (EP)
BROTHERS – Tragedy (7 inch)
COUNTING THE DAYS – Finding A Balance (LP)
DAY OF THE DEAD – A New Healing Process (LP)
DAY OF THE DEAD – Perspectives (LP)
JUST WENT BLACK – Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World (7 inch)
JUST WENT BLACK – Embracing Emptiness (10 inch)
JUST WENT BLACK – Crossroads (7 inch)
R.A.M.B.O. – Wall Of Death The System (CD)
SHORT FUSE – Blight (7 inch)
SHORT FUSE – Fruitless Efforts (7 inch)
TALL SHIPS – Voyages (CD)
TALL SHIPS – Voyages (LP)
THE DISASTER – Black And White And Red All Over (LP)
THE LEGACY – We Gave It Everything (EP)
THE SCARLET LETTER – Pure, Unadulterated-Adultery (7 inch)

PROJECT X – Straight Edge Revenge (7 inch)
UNDERDOG – s/t (7 inch)

108 – 18.61 (CD)
BLACKLISTED – No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me (CD)

FOREVER YOUNG – The Chance (7 inch)

AN EARLY CASCADE – A Murderer’s Day (EP)
REDCRAVING – Lethargic, Way Too Late (MCD)
THE BLACK ATLANTIC – Reverence For Fallen Trees (CD)

AGE OF TORMENT – Dying Breed Reborn (CD)
AS THEY BURN – A New Area For Our Plagues (EP)
THE LAST SHOT OF WAR – The Final Answer (CD)

ALL SHALL PERISH – Awaken The Dreamers (LP)
BAD RELIGION – Against The Grain (LP)
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME – The Great Misdirect (2LP)
CANCER BATS – Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones (CD)
DARKEST HOUR – The Eternal Return (LP)
DOWN TO NOTHING – All My Sons (7 inch)
DROPKICK MURPHYS – Live On Lansdowne Boston MA (CD+DVD)
EMMURE – Felony (LP)
FROM FIRST TO LAST – Throne To The Wolves (CD)
H2O – F.T.T.W (CD)
HATEBREED – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire (LP)
H.I.V. – Insanity Or Death (CD)
MISERY SIGNALS – Controller / Mirrors (2LP)
PENNYWISE – Land Of The Free? (CD)
RED SPAROWES – The Fear Is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer (CD)
TAKING BACK SUNDAY – Tell All Your Friends (LP)
TIMES UP – Not Part Of Your Game (CD)
VEIL OF MAYA – [id] (CD)

AN EARLY CASCADE – Your Hammer To My Enemy (MCD)
COMADRE – Burn Your Bones (LP+CD+DVD)
COMEBACK KID – Through The Noise (CD+DVD)
DOWN TO NOTHING – Unbreakable (CD)
MOUTHPIECE – Cant Kill Whats Inside (LP)
NOFX – Heavy Petting Zoo (CD)
MISERY SIGNALS – Of Malice And The Magnum Heart (CD)
PARKWAY DRIVE – Killing With A Smile (CD)
SKARHEAD – Drugs, Music & Sex (LP)
WAIT IN VAIN – Seasons (CD)
WISDOM IN CHAINS – Everything You Know (LP)

FIRE AT WILL booking summer tour

May 28th edit : the tour has been postponed and will be rescheduled later this year.

FIRE AT WILL are currently booking a summer Euro tour and need you help!

31/07/2010 – Paris? (France)
01/08/2010 – Lille? (France)
02/08/2010 – Caudry? (France)
03/08/2010 – ?? (Belgium)
04/08/2010 – ?? (Germany)
05/08/2010 – ?? (Germany)
06/08/2010 – ?? (Germany)
07/08/2010 – ?? (Germany)
08/08/2010 – ?? (Austria)
09/08/2010 – ?? (Slovakia)
10/08/2010 – ?? (Hungary)
11/08/2010 – ?? (Croatia)
12/08/2010 – ?? (Slovenia)
13/08/2010 – Turin?? (Italy)
14/08/2010 – Lyon/Marseille? (France)

If you’re interested in booking a show, please contact the band at

The band’s first EP, “Today Is Mine” is now sold-out. You can stream it in its entirety here :


New blog!

We got tired of Facebook and Myspace and decided that it would be more fun for us to keep you updated with this new blog… and a lot more fun for you to read this instead of endless bulletins or wall posts!

2010 has been a busy year so far! In january, we put out the melodic hardcore records from TRACES OF YOU and THE PLAGUE. In february, SOME PEDESTRIANS second album (Blackbird) saw the light of day. Fans of The Dillinger Escape Plan and early Poison The Well can’t miss that one! PRESSURE released their first EP in april. These (very) young guys know their classics and inject lot’s of 90’s influences into their songs. A very promising band!

In april and may, we had the chance to release three great 7 inches :

– the LASTING TRACES/WAY DOWN “split” (lovers of modern hardcore will surely dig these two bands)
– the RENO self-titled record made a very good impression! Bands playing this kind of stuff are rare in this area, one more reason to check this band out if you like the early Every Time I Die releases and Converge.
– “The Chance”, the new 7 inch from swedish vegan straight edge band FOREVER YOUNG just hit the streets. 7 songs in a little more than 7 minutes. They keep the essential and get to the point!  So old-school, so good!

You can check out and download songs from all these new releases on our Bandcamp page :

And now, some fresh news! The guys from RENO are already in studio recording their first full-lenght album! If you like the songs from the 7 inch, you will love the new songs as well. Drums and guitars are recorded as we speak, and even with no mix and mastering, it’s already sounding great.

Same for FIRE AT WILL and TOGETHER who put the final touches to their upcoming releases. I haven’t heard the new FIRE AT WILL yet, but the instrumental parts of the new TOGETHER songs already show a lot of progression in their songwriting.

To end this first post, we want to remind you the huge I For Us sale happening on the Disobedience webstore. Older IFU releases can be purchased starting at 1 euro! For those who haven’t noticed it yet, we (the IFU staff) manage this store for almost 2 years now. Besides the IFU catalog, you’ll find tons of records from various labels (big or not) at very nice prices! Check out the shop here :

That’s all for now, come back soon for a new batch of fresh news 😉

Playlist :
As I Lay Dying – The Powerless Rise
Bad Religion – New Maps Of Hell
H2O – Nothing To Prove
Meleeh – To Live And Die Alone
Refused – The New Shape Of Punk To Come
Reign Supreme – Testing The Limits Of Infinite
Strike Anywhere – Iron Front